01. The Coast Guard made a daring [rescue] of 3 fisherman whose boat was sinking in rough seas off the coast of Newfoundland this morning.
02. A local boy is a hero today after [rescuing] his sister from their burning home in Fairfield.
03. Crews are working around the clock to [rescue] a number of men who are trapped in a coal mine.
04. The government has refused a request for a multi-million dollar aid package to [rescue] the department store chain, which is now close to bankruptcy.
05. Poor weather conditions are making it difficult for [rescuers] to reach a sinking ship off the coast of British Columbia.
06. The car was burning as firemen fought to [rescue] a passenger trapped in the back seat.
07. The young boy was holding on to a large rock when he was [rescued] from the river.
08. The Coast Guard has [rescued] forty sailors from a sinking ship off the coast of Newfoundland.
09. Police were able to save four people being held hostage by a gunman in a dramatic [rescue] at a local bank this morning.
10. The young girl drowned while trying to [rescue] her brother who had fallen into the river.
11. In 1976, an Israeli commando squad [rescued] over 100 hostages being held by Palestinian terrorists who had hijacked a French airliner.
12. The [rescue] helicopter has located the fishermen who were on the boat that sunk off the coast.
13. The entire nation is watching tonight as efforts are made to [rescue] a little girl trapped in a well.
14. One of the firefighters was overcome by the smoke, and ended up having to be [rescued] himself.
15. The survivors of the shipwreck shone a piece of broken mirror at the [rescue] planes to show them where they were.
16. Two snowboarders who got lost after going out of bounds at a local ski hill have been found by [rescuers] this evening.
17. Two teenage boys have been [rescued] by the ski patrol after being caught in a small avalanche on Mount Washington.
18. The body of a rock-climber declared missing over a week ago was found by a mountain [rescue] team this morning.
19. [Rescue] workers are still searching for survivors of a huge earthquake which hit the region 2 days ago.
20. Luigi Pirandello once said, "In bed, my real love has always been the sleep that [rescued] me by allowing me to dream."
21. My computer totally crashed, but luckily the computer store was able to [rescue] all my data.
22. Over 300 firemen and policemen were killed in the World Trade Center while trying to [rescue] victims of the terrorist attacks.
23. On October 14, 1987, an 18-month-old girl fell into a well in Texas, and survived for two and a half days before her [rescue].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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